James Bond’s Original Skimpy Speedos

A fetching oil painting of a young Bond-in-Waiting Sean Connery from 1952 in a posing pouch showing off his muscles has just gone on display in the UK. As you can see, wartime rationing didn’t end in the UK until 1954. The latest Bond, Daniel Craig, born in the 1960s, has of course had unlimited access to chicken breasts, Men’s Health magazine, moisturiser and D&G swimming trunks and has managed to grow tits big enough to become his own Bond Girl.

Scoring The Gayness, Bondness & Shagability of the 007s

In honour of this week’s launch of the new Bond movie ‘Casino Royale’, starring Daniel Craig as the new, pumped, shaved, very tight-shirted blond Bond – he may be a secret agent but Craig’s pecs have very publicly outed his metrosexuality – here’s a breakdown of the different Bonds according to their gayness, Bondness, and shagability. SEAN CONNERY – 1962-1967; 1971 Author Ian Fleming thought the Scottish actor ‘an overgrown stuntman’ but was later won over by the burly, latent-metro Bond. Who can blame him? Gayness: 009 […]

James Bond Comes Out

The new blond Bond has a lot in common with the brunette original – precisely for the reasons he’s been bashed, says Mark Simpson (Out, November, 2006) BOND IS BLOND! He’s smooth! He works out! He doesn’t have any eyebrows! He kissed a guy! Ever since English actor Daniel Craig was cast last year as the U.K.’s most famous spy—and the face of the world’s most successful, longest-running blockbuster brand—the British popular press and Bond fanboys have been up in arms, shrieking about his unsuitability for […]