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Greased Up Swedish Marines

Sometimes I worry that I’m too dif­fi­cult to please these days. At first glance I thought this latest example of ‘sol­diers act­ing gay on video’, in this instance Swedish Marines in Afghanistan, was, des­pite the lash­ings of good humour on dis­play, not to men­tion the mil­it­ary pre­ci­sion that has been put into the cho­reo­graphy, a little dissatisfying. […]

Royal Marines Directed by Visconti, Choreographed by Richard O’Brien — Sponsored by WKD

(Be sure to watch all the way to the ‘climax’.)

Becks’ Bum: Satisfaction or Disappointment?

I don’t have much to say about the much-discussed latest Beckham ad for his H&M pants, dir­ec­ted by fel­low LA-loving Brit Guy Ritchie, in which he runs through Beverly Hills in his white slip­pers as the props and scenery con­spire to remove his clothes, Cupid Stunt–like. Except: Those slip­pers must be really, really snug to stay on. And: […]

Sexy and I Show It: Parading Cadets (& Olympic Divers)

Last year metrodaddy declared the LMFAO dance hit ‘Sexy and I Know It’ an anthem  for the Jersey Shore/Geordie Shore/The Only Way is Essex/The Hunks/Men’s Health Magazine gen­er­a­tion of met­ro­sexy young men and the meta­phor­ical (and not so meta­phor­ical) spangly Speedos they’re flaunt­ing them­selves in. But I have to say I was a tad ambi­val­ent about the heav­ily ironic […]