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Male Impersonators’ Gets Digitally Dressed Up: now available on Kindle

Tom Cruise is reportedly work­ing on a script for a sequel to Top Gun. In case he’s mis­laid his well-thumbed ori­ginal copy of Male Impersonators: Men Performing Masculinity, the book that outed the flam­ing queer­ness of the ori­ginal movie, he needn’t worry. Tom can now down­load it in an instant as a Kindle eBook, in […]

The Gayness of Top Gun: Feel The Need

Frankly, we could watch a few more hours of Baldwin chew­ing the scenery as Pacino and Hader flab­ber­gas­ted that the pro­du­cers don’t under­stand how “gay” their script is: “I say, ‘Ice Man’s on my tail, he’s com­ing hard.’ I lit­er­ally said that to a bath­room attend­ant last night.” (I’d like to embed here a clip of […]

Mission Impossible 4: The Führer’s Trousers

Your mis­sion, should you choose to accept it, is to blow up the Twentieth Century’s most infam­ous evil genius in his heav­ily for­ti­fied bunker in the East, escape alive and then fly back to Berlin where you will lead a coup, nego­ti­ate an armistice with the Allies and save Germany from total destruc­tion and eternal […]

Matt Damon: Sexy or Twaspy?

Matt Damon is the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’, accord­ing to People magazine. Perhaps it’s time to cruise the grave­yard. I don’t mean to be cruel — hon­est — but Matt is preppy, not sexy. The two things are not neces­sar­ily ant­ag­on­istic, gran­ted. But in Matt they are. Yes, I know, it’s ‘all a mat­ter of taste’. But […]

America — meet David Beckham

(The Guardian, 13 July, 2007) America, meet David Beckham. America, meet The Metrosexual. You’re going to be see­ing even more of both. As most of the world already knows, today Becks is proudly ‘unveiled’ by LA Galaxy on their home turf. Brand Becks, the ulti­mate met­ro­sexual who trans­formed him­self from a tal­en­ted pro­fes­sional soccer-player with a cute […]

Beckham the virus goes to Hollywood

So Beckham, the über-metrosexual, the phở­to­genic English ath­lete who trans­figured him­self from mere pro­fes­sional soc­cer player into global me-dia, is leav­ing Real Madrid Football Club, his home for the past three years, and is now head­ing for the City of Signs. Beckham became a Hollywood foot­baller years ago (around about the time of ‘Beckham the virus’, pos­ted below).  Certainly […]