Is The Situation a Tom of Finland Fan?

Or is Tom of Finland a Situation fan? Compare these two pictures, one of a cartoonish mid-Twentieth gay porn fantasy swaggering/sashaying with his tits out down the street, the other of Mikey Sorrentino, cartoonish star of the MTV hit reality show Jersey Shore, swaggering/sashaying with his tits out down the street. Tom of Finland sketch, c. early 1960s             MikeSorrentino, c. 2011 Mikey’s face isn’t quite the Tom-ish Scandinavian ideal — and his pants are, following the American Phalliban fashion, […]

From Finland With Lust: How Tom Re-Designed the Male Body. For Pleasure.

The teenage Tom of Finland’s gay fantasies from the 1940s of muscular men have come to define a mainstream view of masculinity, says Mark Simpson (The London Times, Nov 2008 and collected in Metrosexy) The first time I saw a Tom of Finland drawing was in a well-thumbed, seventh-hand issue of Fiesta, a top-shelf favourite of schoolboys in the 1970s. The image, buried at the back, was in a small ad for more “specialised” publications, probably missed by most of my school-chums who had thumbed the […]