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Mr ‘Thing’: Pejic and his Prophet

All truly beau­ti­ful things are a mix­ture of mas­cu­line and fem­in­ine.’ So said the late Susan Sontag. And she would know. I’ve only just read a recent pro­file of the tran­sexy Serbian model Andrej Pejic in The New Yorker called, with only a soupçon of hyper­bole, ‘The Prettiest Boy in the World’. Pejic, who some­times mod­els women’s fash­ion, some­times men’s […]

Shane Warne Comes Out Looking Pretty

Remember the Australian crick­eter Shane Warne? Remember how blokey and beery and one of the care­free lads he was? A proper man’s man? Well, he’s only gone and been snared by a posh Pommy Sheila who’s turned him into a bloody poof­tah! Or at least this was the drift of today’s Telegraph art­icle about him, […]

Long Live Lady Gaga and The McQueen

Until last year I thought pop was a com­pletely spent force.  Oh, there were some nice bands around with nice tunes and some nice hair­cuts, but pop as a total art form was pooped.  Along with pop cul­ture.  It was just another Facebook app. And then along came the New York songwriter-turned-singer that the press […]

Celebrity Big Brother UK Drags It Up For The Final Season

C4 have been run­ning this rather clever new cross-dressing Renault Twingo Sport ad heav­ily dur­ing Celebrity Big Brother ad breaks. Could this have any­thing to do with the fact that Alex Reid, Jordan’s tran­sexy cage-fighting beefy boy­friend, is one of the house-mates this year? And rap­idly steal­ing the show, des­pite being the tabloids’ whip­ping boy […]

Transexy Alex Reid

Yesterday’s Daily Star tells us, in a news item that seems to be full of invis­ible exclam­a­tion marks, that ‘The hunky cage-fighting lover of sexy Kate Price is a secret cross-dresser called Roxanne{!!!}.’ Muscleman Alex Reid, 34, has had the dual iden­tity through­out his adult life.  As Roxanne he wears full make-up, women’s clothes, wigs […]

Madonna and Guy — An Old Fashioned Celeb Couple

Madonna inter­viewed with this month’s Elle magazine, excerp­ted this week in the Daily Mail under the head­line ‘My amaz­ing sex-life’. Apparently hubby Guy has encour­aged her to be more fem­in­ine. Madge said: “I think I’ve been hon­ing and fin­ess­ing my fem­in­ine side. I’ve always been very com­fort­able with my mas­cu­line side — the con­fid­ence, the […]

Transexy Time!

  Mark Simpson on why we’re all going trans­sexual — but without the balls to actu­ally change sex    (Out magazine, March 2008)   How do you turn a penis into a vagina? It’s not as dif­fi­cult from a med­ical point of view as you might think. Yes, it involves some rather del­ic­ate major sur­gery and the […]