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BACK IN THE FLAKY-SKINNED early Nineties Mark Simpson pre­dicted the future of men was met­ro­sexual. A couple of dec­ades on even he’s shocked by what hussies today’s males have become – and the shame­less, fatal Jersey Shore that mas­culin­ity has washed up on.

Metrosexy col­lects Simpson’s essays chron­ic­ling the emer­gence from his walk-in closet of man’s desire to be desired. And just how ter­ri­fy­ingly insa­ti­able it turned out to be. He takes a long look at men that long to be looked at, from met­ro­sexual poster boy David Beckham, to Daniel Craig’s flag­rantly tarty, busty James Bond, and con­cludes that the mas­cu­line aes­thetic revolu­tion is only just begin­ning to get into its sashay.

Contrary to what you’ve been told,” says Simpson, “met­ro­sexu­al­ity isn’t about flip-flops and facials, man-bags or man­scara. Or about men becom­ing ‘girlie’ or ‘gay’. It’s about men becom­ing everything. To them­selves. In much the way that women have been for some time. It’s the end of the sexual divi­sion of bath­room and bed­room labour. It’s the end of sexu­al­ity as we’ve known it.”

In fact, met­ro­sexu­al­ity is already so main­stream – so nor­mal – it now has to go hard­core to attract our atten­tion. So say hello to ‘sporno’, “where sport and porn get into bed while Mr Armani takes pictures.”

More fun-packed than Beck’s bul­ging briefs, The Situation’s six-pack — or Ronaldo’s ego — Metrosexy will leave you gasp­ing and gig­gling and gag­ging for more.

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‘Metrosexual Reflections’: edited ver­sion of the intro­duc­tion to met­ro­sexy pub­lished in the UK national  The Independent and on


‘Mark Simpson Fathered a City of Metrosexuals’ Time Out London.


‘We’re All Transexy Now’: inter­view with Simpson in Portuguese national news­pa­per, Publico


‘Today’s men are obsessed with their bod­ies. Is that so bad?’: The Guardian

‘Mâle Au Corps’: Simpson speaks to French national Liberation about met­ro­sexy.

‘The New Frontier of Metrosexuality’: Interview with Simpson about met­ro­sexy in Italian cul­tural magazine Studio. (English ver­sion here.)


 ‘I’m too sexy… for this art­icle!’ Review of  Metrosexy by g.p. leonardi at Finzioni magazine.
‘Scrape Me With a Strigil!’ Simpson con­fesses his bath­room habits to The Grooming Guru.
 Sporno gal­lery on Facebook.


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“Wildly intel­li­gent and ter­ri­fy­ingly funny, his out­land­ish pre­dic­tions on the fate of man­kind have all proved unnerv­ingly pres­ci­ent. I dread to think what he might come up with next. Read him at your leis­ure but ignore him at your peril.”

- Jake Arnott

“The gay Anti-Christ”


“Much has been writ­ten about met­ro­sexu­als, but no one has done it as well as the man cred­ited with coin­ing the term, Mark Simpson.”

The Times of India

“Simpson is one of our best cul­tural com­ment­at­ors. His gaze is unwaver­ing. He sees the beauty and the beast that is mas­culin­ity ever turn­ing. Better still he turns his insights into las­ci­vi­ous, lus­cious, laugh out loud prose. Have a go if you think you’re hard enough.”

– Suzanne Moore, Mail on Sunday & The Guardian

“I almost hate to agree with any­thing he says.”

London Review of Books

“Once again Simpson applies his caustic wit to con­tem­por­ary cul­ture. He aston­ishes with the auda­city of his insights even as he delights with the dazzle of his prose.”

– Michael Arditti

“Simpson writes with enough pan­ache to make most of his con­tem­por­ar­ies toss their laptops in the waste-disposal and weep.”

– Simon Price, Independent on Sunday

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English author and journ­al­ist Mark Simpson is credited/blamed for coin­ing the word ‘met­ro­sexual‘ in an essay titled ‘Here come the mir­ror men’ in the UK national the Independent in 1994. It wasn’t how­ever until Simpson intro­duced his insuf­fer­ably pretty off­spring to the US in 2002, nam­ing David Beckham as the prime exem­plar, that the word achieved global fame. Simpson is also attrib­uted with intro­du­cing us to the ‘ret­ro­sexual’ (in the sense of the anti-metrosexual). In 2010 the global cool-hunting/trend-spotting web­site Science of the Time described him as ‘the world’s most per­cept­ive writer about mas­culin­ity’.  In December 2008 GQ Russia lis­ted him top­less and oiled up in their top ten Things That Changed Men’s Lives, above Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sigmund Freud – and even Biotherm Homme. Both the New York Times and The London Times acclaimed his saucy concept of ‘Sporno’ as one of their ‘Ideas of the Year’. Simpson is the author of sev­eral books includ­ing: Saint MorrisseyMale Impersonators, and Sex Terror.

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