Sporno can’t be straightened out

Although I was quoted liberally in the Haaretz article on Sporno, there’s no harm in quoting myself even more liberally…. The discussion about whether spornographic images are straight or gay, active or passive, traditional or non-traditional seems to need a more, ahem, explicit explanation, or certainly a lengthier one than was possible in the article (I wounldn’t have minded it being a monologue but others might).  Here’s the journalist Doron Halutz’s questions to me on this point and my answers in full (with some cheeky Sporno snaps added which make my point rather […]

‘A men’s man’ – more Spornographic revelations

Former NBA star John Amaechi’s coming out continues to blow the ‘gay’ lid on American professional sports (see ESPN extract left). Not by ‘naming names’, but simply outing from inside the locker room itself the homoerotic metrosexuality of hetero athletes. Perhaps this is the real ‘problem’ with homos in the locker room (and the barracks): not that their penis will somehow inveigle its way into the hallowed hetero anus during a communal shower – when a happily married athlete is distracted by the steam, his […]

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Musicals?

by Mark Simpson (Independent on Sunday, 18 February 2007) During a long car journey with an older gay friend, I suggested he put on one of his CDs. I said this knowing full well that he liked show tunes. Sorry, LOVED!! show tunes. It was a warm sunny day, the top was down, and I was feeling reckless. “I can deal with this,” I told myself. “After all, how bad can this be? It’s only music.” But I was wrong. So wrong. Musicals are not, […]

Toughs, Low-Life, Drag Queens – Genet Was The Daddy of Them All

Mark Simpson on how Jean Genet invented the internet (Independent on Sunday, June 2003) `I had already wondered what would become of the meeting of a handsome young guard and a handsome young criminal,” wrote Jean Genet in his 1943 debut prison novel, Our Lady of the Flowers, penned while he was himself serving a life sentence as a persistent petty criminal, one that would only end when he received a State Pardon arranged by Jean Cocteau’s lawyer. “I took delight in the following two […]

Speedophobia: America’s Fear & Loathing of Budgie Smuggling

Mark Simpson undresses the tortured relationship between American men and their swimsuits (Out, February 2007) PROHIBITED… THE WEARING OF SKIN-TIGHT FORM-FITTING OR BIKINI TYPE APPAREL OR BATHING SUITS BY MALES OVER 12 YRS. AGE If the stern, killjoy rubric of this warning sign, erected in the 1960s by the good people of Cape May, N.J., sounds like a way to rain on a gay beach party, that’s because it was. Cape May, a resort town a few hours south of New York City by car, […]

Love Thy Neighbour

Mark Simpson on the love that dare not draw the curtains Relationships are difficult things to maintain in this day and age. Especially in the metropolis, where everyone’s too busy with their own life to find the time to share it with someone else. But not for me. I’ve been successfully seeing someone for years. We recently had our tenth anniversary. And you know, I feel so proud of Us and so superior to those sad singlies out there who just can’t get it together. […]

Revenge of the Psychocrumpet

Oscar Wilde has been added to the UK’s National Curriculum. Teenagers in English secondary schools will now study the aesthete author alongside Dickens and Shakespeare. This is long overdue – Wilde is a writer as vital and as brilliant today a century after his death as he was when he was when he was quipping in the salons of London, or lying in the gutter looking at the stars and the thighs of messenger boys. But I wonder whether Fisher’s biography, reviewed below, shouldn’t be […]