Interviews With Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson interviewed by Newsweek

‘Metrosexuality is normal now – meet the spornosexual’ 

Mark Simpson interviewed by LaVanguardia newspaper, Feb 2016

Mark Simpson interviewed by Italian Swiss TV channel RSI

Mark Simpson interviewed by Swedish Public Radio

(Dubbed in Swedish)

‘How To Spot a Spornosexual’

Mark Simpson interviewed by ‘The Grooming Guru’ Lee Kynaston about all those ripped male bodies flaunting themselves on the beach this Summer

Metrosexuality & The Selfie

Sydney Morning Herald (unedited Q&A version)

‘The Male Body’

France’s Liberation newspaper interviews Simpson

‘We’re All Tran­sexy Now’

Por­tuguese national news­pa­per, Pub­lico interviews Simpson

‘The New Fron­tier of Met­ro­sex­u­al­ity’

Ital­ian cul­tural mag­a­zine Stu­dio speaks to Simpson (Eng­lish ver­sion here.)

‘Scrape Me With a Strigil!’

Simp­son con­fesses his bath­room habits

‘MetroDaddy Speaks!’

Simpson answers questions from the global media about his “Frankenstein monster with perfect skin, terrorizing and sashaying the globe” in

‘An interview with Mark Simpson’ speaks to Simpson about Saint Morrissey.