Screenshot MS RSI TV

Interviews With Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson inter­viewed by Italian Swiss TV chan­nel RSI

Mark Simpson inter­viewed by Swedish Public Radio

(Dubbed in Swedish)

‘How To Spot a Spornosexual’

Mark Simpson inter­viewed by ‘The Grooming Guru’ Lee Kynaston about all those ripped male bod­ies flaunt­ing them­selves on the beach this Summer

Metrosexuality & The Selfie

Sydney Morning Herald (uned­ited Q&A version)

‘The Male Body’

France’s Liberation news­pa­per inter­views Simpson

‘We’re All Tran­sexy Now’

Por­tuguese national news­pa­per, Pub­lico inter­views Simpson

‘The New Fron­tier of Metrosexuality’

Ital­ian cul­tural mag­a­zine Stu­dio speaks to Simpson (Eng­lish ver­sion here.)

‘Scrape Me With a Strigil!’

Simp­son con­fesses his bath­room habits

‘MetroDaddy Speaks!’

Simpson answers ques­tions from the global media about his “Frankenstein mon­ster with per­fect skin, ter­ror­iz­ing and sash­ay­ing the globe” in

‘An inter­view with Mark Simpson’ speaks to Simpson about Saint Morrissey.