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Sporno Gets Even More Spornographic

Ooo-la-la! The 2007 Dieux du Stade calendar is upon us and it seems to be even naughtier, even saucier — and somehow even more graphic — than last year’s. How do they do that? Without actually using those rugby balls as sex toys instead of just holding them that way?

Even I — even I — hesitate to reproduce some of the more explicit locker-room snaps — so you’ll have to visit the link for the full sauce. How long before sporno becomes just porno? Oh, give it about a fortnight at this rate.

Truth be told, the ‘making of’ Dieux du Stade DVD has pretty much already found the boundary between sporno and gay porno and crashed through it. Scottish rugger bugger Sean Lamont (below) reveals himself a ‘well rounded’, talented and very versatile sporno star — whichever way you look at him.

Not to be outdone in the sporting/spurting male stakes, Australia has muscled in on the sporno industry with the very impressive Naked Rugby League Calendar.

Perhaps the only surprising thing about this venture into out-of-the-closet sporno by Aussies is that it took them so long. After all, Australia is the country that brought us the Speedo and the Lifesaver, as well as Aussie Rules Football (I know it gets hot in Oz but really, is there any excuse for those skimpy shorts and sleeveless tight vests other than showing off and generally being a tart?). Australia is also the country which, with it’s extremely powerful, innovative sports media, that practically invented the commodification of the sporting male body and perhaps for that very reason is a global leader in metrosexuality.

But lovely and eager to please as they are, the Oz sporno stars are going to have to be a little less coy and show a little more in the way of vital assets if they want to keep up with Dieux du Stade. This shouldn’t be a problem: Australian men are anything but shy in real life — or reality TV. But then, perhaps Jamie Brooksby’s famous ‘metrosexual knob’ is the reason the Australian Rugby League pin-ups are hiding their tackle. Thanks to Jamie, Australian males are now held to very stretching standards indeed.

While beefy British rugby players may be lining up to tart themselves out to the public in French calendars, our home-grown sporno lags behind that of both France and Australia.

Mind you, Nike’s use/exploitation of the England Rugby Squad in its advertising campaign for its stretchy top ‘Nike Pro’ is very encouraging indeed. Note how the muscled, glowering hunks have been photographed from a kneeling position — i.e. packet-level — lit from above, the better to show off their shoulders and pecs, as any gay porn director will tell you. The rugger gods themselves look down masterfully at the supplicant rugby fan. Perhaps the ‘Pro’ part of ‘Nike Pro’ stands for something other than ‘Professional’.

‘England’s secret weapon’, despite those baggy shorts, is not so secret after all. It’s spornographically obvious.


Now, if you think that, once again, my overheated brain is polluting with a filthy imputation to something as pure and unstained as England’s rugby shorts well, you’d probably be right.

But this doesn’t actually mean I’m wrong. Not just because advertising is, of course, never pure or unstained, but because of these eye-popping, shorts-straining pictures of what appears to be of a giant orange blow-up doll of Josh Lewsey (second from the right in the ‘Secret Weapon’ ad above — the one with the least secret packet and best six-pack) outside Twickenham Rugby Ground. And no, I didn’t take them myself: they appeared on the England Rugby Union official website.

Now we seem to be not just kneeling but grovelling on the floor gazing straight up at Josh’s powerful naked thighs and straight at his towering (and noticeable less baggy) packet. Plus he seems to have, very kindly, taken off his skin-tight Nike lycra top and is instead just wearing his skin-tight skin. As part of their ‘Pro’ campaign in the UK Nike very kindly commissioned this enormous (plastic) statue of Mr Lewsey.

Here’s another pic, snapped half-way through Josh’s ‘erection’. He looks more Greek, more Apollonian — slightly less Jeff Stryker.  But he also looks as if he’s engaging in one of those charming post-match locker-room games rugby players are famous for.

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11 thoughts on “Sporno Gets Even More Spornographic”

  1. Gays need to wake up and smell the coffee. Gay is the new Black. They know who really buy this sporno. Its smart marketing to get gay money and I have all the Deux du Stade videos but dont confuse this with some kind of gay progression movement. Its all about the “expendable” gay income.

  2. I think that this is all about 21st Century masculinity – men, generally, are much more comfortable with their identity and their sexuallity……and consequently, feel able to express themselves as men.

  3. I find the whole American need for neologisms boring. What the hell is sporno? Are you trying to be clever? Are we children?

  4. i want to write at Sean Lamont mail adress. I need this if is possible.
    I’s the most beautiful men that I ever seen in rugby team and not only…
    GONGRATILATION Sean, you are the best!

  5. porn is getting so mainstream so NOT shocking…
    unless some ‘real straight’ guys do it on cam to each other asses of course… but even that is rapidly and increasingly mainstreaming (the japanese sportsman, active duty, rod major… who is next? duh… who will care?) i just wonder why even use the word PORN? why not just call it photography… and forget it?

    a reader from uzbekistan 😉

  6. I have nothing bad to say about sporno. Nothing bad to say at all. I’m sure I should on some theoretical level about active masculinity and all that, but I’ve got nothing bad to say about sporno. Maybe I could come up with something, but it tends to leave me…a bit distracted.

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