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England’s new sporno kit sensation


The new England rugby strip, launched for this year’s World Cup, somehow manages to be even tighter than the last, launched just four years ago to massed gasps. Are our lads going to be able to breath in? Are we going to be able to breathe out?

What’s more, it has an added sash/arrow plunging from armpit down to large, firm thigh, as demonstrated by the very lovely young David Strettle, pictured left (snapped dancing on a spotlit podium at Heaven nightclub). Is it just me, or does it seem to shout: ‘If You Wanna Score – Flip Me Over!’?

Apparently the new strip’s ‘asymmetric’ design will confuse opposing players. I could make the obvious joke that they won’t know whether to tackle them or kiss them. But then, why can’t you do both? (I certainly find this a very effective tactic with rugby players myself.) The way things are going it can only be a matter of time before this approach becomes compulsory.

So instead I’ll point out that if there’s any truth to the science of eye-tracking, which suggests that most men like to look at other men’s packets rather lingeringly, our opponents’ main confusion with that ‘dressing to the left’ pendulous arrow will be working out where to actually locate our boys’ tackle.

[See how the meaning of ‘rugby shirt’ has changed over the years from ‘baggy beer towel’ to ‘gay disco cocktail top’.]

5 thoughts on “England’s new sporno kit sensation”

  1. Nevertheless our Boys in Black will thrash the shit out of those metro rugby boys at the world cup. Our shirts are even tighter!

  2. HA! I subscribe to the theory that designer of the kit, just traced the lines my tongue would make if I had my filthy way with that model. Armpit to ass, and everything in-between, yum. How does one get that job? Or I’d settle for just fitting the entire team with it, making sure to take it in here & there – when I was done – it would surely distract the opposition & thrill the spectators! America needs a rugby team in two bandaids & a cork with some dental floss to hold it all together…that outfit would surely help them win.


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