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Australian spornostars are now available – in colour

preview10.jpg preview8.jpg

This is really just a (naked) excuse to parade these delectable Oz spornostars again, after exhibiting them on here in b/w last year.

Apparently you can order vibrant colour posters of them, as well as the scrumptious b/w calendar. I’ll buy that. Actually, I’ll have a dozen calendars too. Who cares if it’s already halfway out of date?

I’ve just had an idea for a rugby calendar for 2008. It’s new, it’s different, it’s kinda radical, kinda shocking: Fully-clothed rugby-players!

Or maybe not.

5 thoughts on “Australian spornostars are now available – in colour”

  1. True, b/w is artier – but who needs arty when you can have tarty?

    I suspect DAK is right: next year’s calendar will probably consist of Gaydar profile ‘Private Pics’.

  2. have you lost your mind, clothed rugby players? Once that genie is out of the bottle the only thing left is a proctological exam, prostate exam, or just the run of the mill – colonoscopy calendar & photos….right?

  3. The Ozzie rugby league has been publishing naked calendars since Australia was still part of the Asian mainland (or since Ian Roberts came out of the closet). I do prefer the B&W versions though, it does look artier.

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