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A history of manscaping

Those bollocks-shaving fetishists at Philips are at it again – finding new ways to encourage young straight men to turn themselves into gay porn stars. Though I wonder whether there are any straight boys with hairy nuts or ass cracks left.

Not quite as funny perhaps as some of their earlier efforts, but it is rather touching that they should place the story of one man’s love for another right at the heart of their story of manscaping.

Note how the arrival of a gay bear on the beach at Coney Island resulted in catastrophe, panic and the end of early manscaping efforts.

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4 thoughts on “A history of manscaping”

  1. ahhhh, a sign of the times. This is Coney Island’s last year, before it is Disney-fied and turned into a metrosexual, groomed & primped ~ made consumable by people from all over the world, and ready to take your dollars. Just like Times Square now, wonder how long until a picture the size of a building is up with Morrissey looking apoplectic?

    I must say the use of the bleeping is a bit noteable, since I usually come to YouTube to get the unrated version, but as American Ad folks get their teeth into YouTube & make it a hotbed of consumerism-then what else should we expect? The nicknames (‘Sack’) etc…also seems racy, and while not as funny, as you note, as earlier attempts this is definitely a call to all men to hate their body hair…in a funny way. Love the Love Story…before calculators & the internets.

    Cheers, for bringing this to my attention!

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