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Mark Simpson talks on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row about ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry’, the new Adam Sandler film about two straight firefighters who pretend to be gay, and the phenomenon of ‘Playgay’ currently mincing and lisping and generally dissembling through pop culture. Click on the Audio button (right) to start: chuck-and-larry.mp3

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5 thoughts on “Playgay”

  1. Thanks for the correction – I did mix up the names of the actors. But as for the plot – I haven’t seen The Closet, but according to Wikipedia’s extensive entry for the film, which may of course be wrong, the Pignon character played by Daniel Auteil (not Depardieu) does deliberately mislead his bosses that he’s gay so he doesn’t get the sack. Which is, I think, what I said.

    It definitely sounds a much more interesting and rather funnier film than Chuck & Larry – which my piece is about. Not least because, according to Wiki, Felix Santini, the married homophobic colleague played by Gerard Depardieu becomes obsessed with Auteil, the faux gay – and his wife leaves him thinking, wrongly, they are having an affair. A case of misrecognition all round.

    I’ll have to rent it

  2. You got the plot and the actor wrong in ‘The Closet’
    1. Daniel Auteil (not Gerard Depardieu) is assumed to be (he doesn’t pretend to be) gay by work colleagues and he goes along with it….he’s divorced with one son.everyone thinks he’s boring until they (wrongly) figure out that he’s gay and suddenly he becomes more interesting to everyone……..a bit different to what you said.

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