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Ultimate Underwear: C-IN2’s Prison Parade

The latest ‘arresting’ ad from hip men’s designer underwear label, C-IN2. Shot by Steven Klein. It’s currently airing on billboards on the streets of Melbourne where kids and nuns and navvies can see it. And why not?

There’s really nothing I can say about this or what it says about contemporary masculinity and metrosexuality that isn’t completely explicit in the ‘captivating’ image itself.

OK, so there’s one thing I have to point out: It seems the model prisoner closest to the camera hasn’t mastered the gay porn star technique of removing your trousers without taking off your boots. Perhaps he spent too long plumping his quiff – or his packet.

No doubt he’s going to be severely punished by the nasty guard with the big machine gun.

Maybe he’ll throw him in the cage and make him do a few rounds of Ultimate Fighting.

PS – I’ve been reliably informed that C-IN2 underwear includes a cock-ring type device designed to push your privates into the public’s face. Men these days are just total hussies. They should be locked up.