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Mark Simpson’s Saint Morrissey Now Available as an e-book

The widely critically-acclaimed, innovative — and egotistical — ‘psycho-bio’ of pop’s most elusive, most adored, most charming and most alarming front-man is now available for instant download on Amazon Kindle (including Kindle for PC, iPhone and iPad).

“The most incisive biography of Morrissey yet published”
– James Maker, “The Fifth Smith

“Simpson is funny, clever, honest, irreverent and egotistical: quite the match for Morrissey. More biographies should be written this way.”
Independent on Sunday Books of the Year

“Saint Morrissey is a cracking read, almost an instructional handbook on how to develop, deal with, and finally escape an obsession.”
The Boston Phoenix

“A provocative and precocious read…. Smiths fans will love it, and even Morrissey himself might arch an eyebrow in appreciation.”
Time Out

“Like his subject, incurable super-fan Simpson is constantly amusing and provocative…. A book Morrissey will claim to hate, but secretly love.

“The erudite Simpson gives a compelling account his youthful – and adult – fascination with the bard of Whalley Range/Beverly Hills… A nimble essay which gives fandom a good name.”
Guardian Books of the Year

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2 thoughts on “Mark Simpson’s Saint Morrissey Now Available as an e-book”

  1. This is the ‘read’ of the future; good for you. I know from highly reliable sources that it is not far in the offing that movies, books, periodicals will all be available only by hooking your computer (or “wall “of what ever substance) up to a cable, and buying media to place in your personal locker (all of your info.) . This is plan is currently in the stage of being made a reality-even though it leaves me kind of frostbitten. Libraries, theatres, everything will be at your fingertips.

    I suppose they think we’re going to all sit in our rooms and go mad.. But You are, Mark, despite what the world tries to make you think ahead of your time, rest assured that your book won’t get lost! (?)

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