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Is The Situation a Tom of Finland Fan?

Or is Tom of Finland a Situation fan?

Compare these two pictures, one of a cartoonish mid-Twentieth gay porn fantasy swaggering/sashaying with his tits out down the street, the other of Mikey Sorrentino, cartoonish star of the MTV hit reality show Jersey Shore, swaggering/sashaying with his tits out down the street.

Tom of Finland sketch, c. early 1960s







MikeSorrentino, c. 2011

Mikey’s face isn’t quite the Tom-ish Scandinavian ideal — and his pants are, following the American Phalliban fashion, much roomier — but the sensual, shameless tits and abs certainly are.

These pics are spooky proof that half a century ago Tom of Finland was sketching the blueprints for the tarty male body of the 21st Century.