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Mark Simpson at Men in Movement, Barcelona

I will be in Barcelona this week for an international workshop organised by the University of Catalonia, titled ‘Men in Movement: Transforming Masculinities in Politics, Care and Media’.

There will be a range of very interesting, esteemed and knowledgeable contributors, and I will have the slightly unnerving honour of presenting the opening lecture, ‘From Metrosexual to Spornosexual: A Spectacular, Permanent Revolution’, on Wednesday 18th November at 6pm. So I’ll be sure to show plenty of slides and video clips of much hotter chaps than me.

The following day at 15.30 I’ll be on a panel discussing Men and Representations, presenting a short, mostly clean talk probing ‘Mainstream Male Anal(ity)’.

Entrance is free (Captain Peacock).

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2 thoughts on “Mark Simpson at Men in Movement, Barcelona”

  1. Congratulations, looks like a Foucaultian dream, exploring the hidden (in plain sight) forces creating a Spornosexual and post-Metrosexual world. Living in a Caribbean city, I see such things about four times a week. Then again, judging by the locale ofthe exhibition, seems as though the Latin apple doesn’t fall far from the Catalonian tree.

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