Brokeback Mountain on Ice

Apparently, Brokeback Mountain is now available on DVD. Save yourself some money and watch this clip instead. It’s free, it’s a lot more fun, you get six cowboys instead of two, they don’t age, none of them get tyre-ironed, they have a lot more sexy moments and there’s no mumbling dialogue. Plus the soundtrack is a little more upbeat. Oh, and it lasts about thirty years less than that tedious, mawkish film.

The Trouble With Men

Why can’t gay men grow up? Why can’t they get themselves a nice cat instead of behaving like dirty dogs? Why can’t they listen to Radio Four more instead of trawling the net for sex? Why don’t they get a pipe and slippers instead of thongs and crystal meth? Why can’t they stop being so damn undomesticated and be more… lesbian? And why oh why can’t gays settle down with nice Simon Fanshawe, especially when he’s done so much for them? Surely they could have… Read More »The Trouble With Men

Metrosexual war breaks out in Holland

It seems that the metrosexual war has broken out in Holland. But it’s a phoney one. News item translated from Adformatie (Holland’s Campaign) 30 March, 2006: The metrosexual isn’t over The metrosexual is passé, so please make space for the uber-sexual! That’s the message behind the new Bavaria beer campaign, launched publicly today. Men with neat haircuts doing the shopping and the ironing are transformed during the advert into angry Neanderthals running through the woods until they experience their “Bavaria moment” in the pub. “Men have… Read More »Metrosexual war breaks out in Holland