The Sun newspaper: Retro or Metro?

So, Cilla, which of our lovely lads is the public going to plump for? Will it be ‘Dave’ the retrosexual PE teacher from Liverpool with a pint, who only uses aftershave his mum bought him for Christmas ‘on special occasions’ (but seems to be rather fond of hair product)? Or will it be ‘Joe’ the metrosexual Accounts Manager from Essex with a glass of Chardonnay and perched on an Ikea stool (I know where it’s from because I have one) who spends £350 a month… Read More »The Sun newspaper: Retro or Metro?

Mark Simpson interviewed in Greek National newspaper Eleftherotypia

Interviewed by Spyros Chatzigiannis in the Greek national newspaper Eleftherotypia (18 Nov, 2007, Edited) SC: What inspired you to come up with the term ‘metrosexual’ back in 1994? Was it the outcome of an obsession? You have said in the past that your writing is based on your own obsessions… MS: Well, I’d obviously spent far too long thinking about men and masculinity. In fact, back then, anyone who used the word ‘masculinity’ was a little bit suspect…. I was attending an exhibition in London… Read More »Mark Simpson interviewed in Greek National newspaper Eleftherotypia

I Wanna Hold Your Hand: Touchy-Feely Footballers

By Mark Simpson (Guardian CIF, 30/11/07) In an age of broadband hardcore, it’s rather sweet to discover that men are still so easily aroused. At least, that is, football fans and tabloid journalists. A little innocent hand-holding by Liverpool FC during a team-building training session before their crucial Champions League match with Porto worked the Sun into a frenzy this week. ‘Koppin’ Off’ screamed The Sun headline, next to a picture of Peter Crouch and Steven Gerrard chastely holding hands, with the subtitle ‘So this… Read More »I Wanna Hold Your Hand: Touchy-Feely Footballers

Retrosexual Underwear

Dutch men’s underwear company JBS are really kinky. At first glimpse it seems they’re marketing themselves as the anti-metrosexual underwear brand: it features no gorgeous male models with abs and bulging packets filling out their products and provoking the lust/envy/anxiety of the male consumer. Instead there are pictures of hot porno babes in various states of undress, holding the underwear up to their faces. So nothing faggy about JBS then. But then look at the pictures again and you begin to realise that something really… Read More »Retrosexual Underwear

BearForce1 – can you resist them?

BearForce1, Holland’s answer to Take That – which in turn was the UK’s answer to the Village People – have landed. And they make the Village People look, like, totally straight. Not to mention well-dressed. Suddenly millions of straight men realise with horror where their studied furry ‘retrosexual’ ‘real guy’ look came from…. Gran Canaria.