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Thor Blimey

Allow me to add two hours to your life. Above are the only two good bits from Thor: Love & Thunder. You’re welcome. Chris Hemsworth seems to have been styled, airbrushed, lit – and restrained in gold chains – by Pierre… Read More »Thor Blimey

(Taken in for) Questioning

Is Pride season over yet? Does it in fact ever end nowadays? Like the ever extending and complicating rainbow flags and acronyms it is, by definition, never finished. There is always more ‘work’ to be done. Some hitherto undiscovered shame… Read More »(Taken in for) Questioning

Cool New World

Mark Simpson’s love-affair with American engineering – & engineered Americans My first trip to the US, as a spotty provincial English teenager, was teeth-chatteringly exciting. Not least because it was also my first experience of space travel. My mum and… Read More »Cool New World