Metrosexual (& Retrosexual)

Simpson's bastard child with perfect skin terrorising-sashaying the globe

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Lonesome metro-cowboys

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, front-runner in the Oscar nomination race and big winner at this week’s Golden Globe ceremony in LA has been dubbed the ‘gay cowboy movie’. Mark Simpson argues it’s more metrosexual than homosexual and explains why it’s unconvincing nature is probably the reason for its success. exclusive, Jan 18 2006

MetroDaddy v. UberMummy

Mark Simpson on the so-called 'death' of his love-hate child the metrosexual and why UberMummy hates his MetroKid's post-feminist independence. Dec 2005


Mark Simpson on the metrobacklash - and how it is just delivering more metrosexuality.

Dutch Playboy, May 2004

'Metrosexual' voted Word of the Year

From the American Dialect Society

'January 9, 2004: 2003 Words of the Year. Here are the final vote tallies for the 2003 Words of the Year from the American Dialect Society at its annual conference, held this year in Boston. These are the words which most colored the nation's lexicon, or otherwise dominated the national discourse.


This is the word or phrase which most signifies 2003.

Winner: metrosexual: noun, a fashion-conscious heterosexual male, or, as coiner Mark Simpson put it, a man who "has clearly taken himself as his own love object."'

MetroDaddy speaks!

In an interview (with himself) Mark Simpson, the man who has been blamed for the "metrosexual" explains why it conquered the culture, bemoans his own "lesbosexual" style, and critiques "Queer Eye," Howard Dean and Schwarzenegger Jan. 5, 2004

Interview in GQ Russia (in Russian)

Feb 2004

Metrosexual? That rings a bell....

Watching the media's love-affair with its 'new' buzzword Mark Simpson has a strange case of deja pense - Independent on Sunday 22/6/03

Beckham, the virus

He's one of the most famous humans who has ever lived -- even though he's not that cute, not that smart and not that great a soccer player - Salon, June 28, 2003 (According to WordSpy this article is where Simpson coined the metrosexual antonym: 'retrosexual')

Meet the metrosexual

He's well dressed, narcissistic and bun-obsessed. But don't call him gay. Mark Simpson on his bastard child. -, July 22, 2002 (the article which started the current bout of metrosexmania)

Here come the mirror men

The original article from the Independent in 1994, which seems to be the first appearance in print of the term 'metrosexual').

For the latest Simpson writings on his metrokid visit his new blog

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