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Cool New World

Mark Simpson’s love-affair with American engineering – & engineered Americans My first trip to the US, as a spotty provincial English teenager, was teeth-chatteringly exciting. Not least because it was also my first experience of space travel. My mum and… Read More »Cool New World

Male Changing Area

Dispatch from the gun-filled frontline of male vanity My gym recently had a makeover. Previously owned by a budget chain known for the lowest membership fees in the business – and for its large free weights’ areas – it went… Read More »Male Changing Area

Meat the Spornosexual

The second generation of metrosexuals are cumming. And this time it’s hardcore by Mark Simpson What is it about male hipsters and their strange, pallid, highly ambivalent fascination with bodies beefier and sexier than their own? Which means, of course, pretty… Read More »Meat the Spornosexual