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The Keep Fit Craze

Set in an upmarket West London health club with ‘central heating and wall-to-wall fitted carpets’, this captivating Pathe newsreel time capsule from 1966 reveals an era when sportswear hasn’t been invented yet – so the guys are doing their exercises… Read More »The Keep Fit Craze

Cool New World

Mark Simpson’s love-affair with American engineering – & engineered Americans My first trip to the US, as a spotty provincial English teenager, was teeth-chatteringly exciting. Not least because it was also my first experience of space travel. My mum and… Read More »Cool New World

Male Changing Area

Dispatch from the gun-filled frontline of male vanity My gym recently had a makeover. Previously owned by a budget chain known for the lowest membership fees in the business – and for its large free weights’ areas – it went… Read More »Male Changing Area