Brokeback Mountain

‘Oneymoons & Bloody Deviants – How Gay Love Stories Lost Their Way At The Movies

by Mark Simpson (Originally appeared in Fall 2018 issue of XY Mag)   “WE’RE ON OUR ‘ONEYMOON!”  Two teenage working class lads, Matt and Phil, hitching from London to the South Coast, are in the back of a car driven by a middle-aged man with a moustache and a bowtie, who has asked why they’re headed there. “What??” he replies, puzzled for a moment by the honeymoon answer. “Oh, I get ya – fast workers, eh? I could teach you a thing or two! Promise them… Read More »‘Oneymoons & Bloody Deviants – How Gay Love Stories Lost Their Way At The Movies

The Unbearable Boredom of Brokeback Mountain

Following the discussion of ‘Brokeback Mountain’ in relation to The Last Gay Picture Show I thought I’d post my disenchanted review of it from 2005. As you’ll see, although I roped it in with the other Big Gay Movies in that Out essay – and although it certainly has been received and celebrated as one – I’m not entirely sure it is really a ‘gay movie’. I’m certain though that it’s a very, very boring one…. Lonesome Metro-Cowboys Mark Simpson argues the ‘gay cowboy movie’… Read More »The Unbearable Boredom of Brokeback Mountain

Shameless Slashiness

I’m not much of a Robbie Williams fan. ‘Bromance’ leaves me cold. And I hated Brokeback Mountain. But perhaps I’m a big softy really because I rather like this video for Williams’ single ‘Shame’ which brings all these themes together, adds a hairy Gary Barlow, Robbie’s once-reviled Take That collaborator, and takes its top off. What was it Dusty said? ‘The best part of breaking up is when you’re making up’ Yes, the ‘Toys R Us’ line is a real clanger, a reminder of Robbie’s… Read More »Shameless Slashiness

Brokeback Mountain on Ice

Apparently, Brokeback Mountain is now available on DVD. Save yourself some money and watch this clip instead. It’s free, it’s a lot more fun, you get six cowboys instead of two, they don’t age, none of them get tyre-ironed, they have a lot more sexy moments and there’s no mumbling dialogue. Plus the soundtrack is a little more upbeat. Oh, and it lasts about thirty years less than that tedious, mawkish film.