Bruno Schmuno

Let’s be honest, Bruno is pretty bad. And quite tedious. But not as bad, or as overlong as this earnest review of it by a crestfallen Anthony Lane in The New Yorker.  ‘There is, on the evidence of this movie, no such thing as gay love; there is only gay sex, a superheated substitute for love, with its own code of vulcanized calisthenics whose aim is not so much to sate the participants as to embarrass onlookers from the straight—and therefore straitlaced—society beyond.’ Which happens… Read More »Bruno Schmuno

Ricky Berens Sporno Swimsuit – ‘The Bruno’

US Olympic swimmer Ricky Berens unveiled his new dashing new swimsuit during the 4x100m relays at the World Swimming Championships in Rome last weekend.  ‘The Bruno’ caused something of a splash – and the US team, no doubt encouraged by the stirring vision before them – both of them – successfully qualified for the Finals. Let’s hope other swimsuit designers adopt the asstounding aquadynamics of Mr Berens’ blond butt cheeks. Tip: Joe My God/Uroskin   Postscript: I’m very grateful to Mark W for reminding me of this… Read More »Ricky Berens Sporno Swimsuit – ‘The Bruno’