Dieux Du Stade

Tarty Armani’s Latest Sporno Spunk

Paolo Rumi in Milano sends this snap of Armani’s latest sporno star, tennis player Rafael Nadal, kindly offering his giant but pertly athletic arse to passers by in Armani’s home town. In the early Naughties I described the exhibitionism of metrosexuality as ‘literally asking to be fucked’. I’m sure people thought I was being absurd and vulgar again. I was, of course.  But I was also on the money (shot). The Daily Mail tastefully describes this saucy image of the world’s No.1 tennis player half-naked,… Read More »Tarty Armani’s Latest Sporno Spunk


Mark Simpson on how sport and porn got into bed – while D&G and Mr Armani took pictures…. (Out magazine, May 2006; expanded for The V&A’s ‘Fashion V Sport’ catalogue, June 2008. Also collected in ‘Metrosexy‘) You might think that it was Italy’s greater ball skills, or stamina, or team spirit that won them the 2006 football World Cup. But you would be wrong. Clearly, explicitly, thrillingly, what won it for the Italians was not so much their sporting spirit as their sporno spirit. In… Read More »Sporno

Sporno gets even more spornographic

Ooo-la-la! The 2007 Dieux du Stade calendar is upon us and it seems to be even naughtier, even saucier — and somehow even more graphic — than last year’s. How do they do that? Without actually using those rugby balls as sex toys instead of just holding them that way? Even I — even I — hesitate to reproduce some of the more explicit locker-room snaps — so you’ll have to visit the link for the full sauce. How long before sporno becomes just porno?… Read More »Sporno gets even more spornographic