Male Gaze

The Male Gayze

The ‘male gaze’ so beloved of many feminists doesn’t exist. The female gaze on the other hand, does. And it’s scoping other women. Or so you might be forgiven for concluding on the basis of the results of eye-tracking research by academics at Bristol University, England. This is how the Daily Telegraph reported the research: Revealed: women are the secret oglers And it is the fairer sex that gives their rivals’ bodies a good visual once-over, found Bristol University researchers, rather than their supposedly Neanderthal… Read More »The Male Gayze

Sporno Can’t Be Straightened Out

Although I was quoted liberally in the Haaretz article on Sporno, there’s no harm in quoting myself even more liberally…. The discussion about whether spornographic images are straight or gay, active or passive, traditional or non-traditional seems to need a more, ahem, explicit explanation, or certainly a lengthier one than was possible in the article (I wounldn’t have minded it being a monologue but others might).  Here’s the journalist Doron Halutz’s questions to me on this point and my answers in full (with some cheeky Sporno snaps added which make my point rather… Read More »Sporno Can’t Be Straightened Out