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‘The world’s most perceptive writer about modern masculinity’

Is me, apparently. I can’t really find it in me to disagree. From the global trend-spotting/cool-hunting website Science of the Time: Mark Simpson is probably the world’s most perceptive – and certainly the wittiest – writer about modern masculinity. Mark Simpson has by far the sharpest mind when it comes to changing masculinities. With a worldwide reputation, a long story of excellence and many international publications he is simply world-wide leading.

Simpson Tops Arnie and Freud in GQ Spread

From this month’s GQ Russia. My Russian is a little rusty, but I think the piece from this 50th anniversary of GQ issue is about ‘Forty Things That Changed Men’s Lives’. I’ve no idea what GQ has to say about me, but all I care about is that: there’s a scarily large picture of me oiled-up pulling my pants down and I’m ahead of, and much bigger than, Sigmund Freud, Arnold Schwarzenegger and – this is really impressive – Biotherm Homme I only wish I’d,… Read More »Simpson Tops Arnie and Freud in GQ Spread