metrosexual backlash

China’s Metrosexual Crackdown

China’s ruling Communist Party has reportedly finally had enough of impossible male prettiness, and is cracking down on the promotion of metrosexuality. ‘Sissy’ boybands, ‘vulgar’ social media influencers, reality TV and ‘abnormal esthetics’ have been denounced by China’s mighty broadcast regulator, The National Radio and Television Administration. They have, according to this report, correctly identified some of the main vectors of metrosexuality in their moralising campaign to make China uglier: ‘An emphasis was placed on banning “immoral” stars, in particular, “resolutely putting an end to… Read More »China’s Metrosexual Crackdown

Metrosexmania: How America Lost Its Mind Over Metrosexuality

By Mark Simpson (Originally appeared in Out magazine, October 2017) The US had a national nervous breakdown over male beauty in the early noughties. It seems ridiculous now – and actually it was fairly ridiculous at the time – but it’s simply an objective fact that the US went completely fucking berserk over the metrosexual: my insufferably pretty offspring with the really great, hydrated skin. Not since the Beatles had a British import caused so much screaming – and so much moral panicking. In 2003… Read More »Metrosexmania: How America Lost Its Mind Over Metrosexuality

Who Are You Calling Hummersexual?

Mark Simpson on America’s metrosexual backlash and phoney ‘menaissance’  (The Guardian, October 10, 2006) There’s a war going on in the US. A war on metros. After years living under the cruel designer heel of those triumphant metrosexuals, poor old retrosexuals – alias “regular guys” – are fighting back. Old-time, unself-conscious, un-moisturised masculinity is in. Guys are guys again, with manly, painstakingly shaped and trimmed beards. They eat manly food, drive manly trucks and read manly books on manliness. Or so you may have heard.… Read More »Who Are You Calling Hummersexual?