Tim ‘No Acorn’ Oakes

I seem to have somehow missed the not entirely shocking news that Tim ‘No Acorn’ Oakes of Sandbach RUFC, the spunky rugger-bugger captain who was so keen to show off his impressive semi-tackle on national television – and very kindly let his team mates play with it – has since gone the whole hog and stripped off for, teasing the gayers with his no longer semi but fully erect assets. has some safely doctored snaps from the FamousMales shoot (albeit with the wrong… Read More »Tim ‘No Acorn’ Oakes

Sporno on Steroids

Now that’s what I call pushing back. Taking the sporno trend to parts it hasn’t yet reached – and what parts! – while spreading the famous French ‘pro’ tartiness of the Dieux du Stade calendars to these shores, the latest ad campaign for Powerade’s ‘InnerGear’ isotonic sports drink features several UK pro rugger buggers in the buff snapped by the photographer Alan Clarke. Including, most spectacularly, most spherically, England Rugby Union Captain Steve Borthwick (above), keeping his spornographic end up for the Queen.  And nicely… Read More »Sporno on Steroids

Will Sporno Win the Rugby World Cup?

By Mark Simpson (The London Times, 10 October 2007 ) Ah, rugby. A man’s game. Played by real men. Big hairy men. With big chins. Nothing metrosexual about rugger buggers. At all. Such a welcome respite from all that David Beckham, Frank Lampard love-me, love-my-shaved-pectorals stuff! Wrong. So wrong. For starters, rugby players have also become clothes-horses and walking endorsements for male vanity products. Fake-tanned, highlighted Jonny Wilkinson models designer clobber. Josh Lewsey is the face, or rather, hot, ripped, torso, of Nike Pro kinky… Read More »Will Sporno Win the Rugby World Cup?

Rugger Buggers & Swinging Dicks: Generation Xcess

In the Middle Ages, sodomy was thought to be caused not by hair whorls, but by drunkenness. As this clip shows, they were absolutely right. The post-match beery bonding of the lovely lads of Sandbach RUFC – which, be warned, includes very male nudity, heavy petting and male-on-male snogging – made me feel faint with jealousy. And also faintly redundant. These straight lads’ eagerness to perform their manly love for one another in front of UK TV cameras (for an instalment of an ITV2 series… Read More »Rugger Buggers & Swinging Dicks: Generation Xcess