Steve Zeeland

Making Men: Navy Recruiting Ads

“Join the Navy and feel a man!” exhorted the famous Royal Navy recruiting slogan from the early 1980s. Or at least, the famous RN recruiting slogan according to us Air Cadets when we were trying to score banter points over the Navy Cadets at my school. Even though I thought the slogan probably made up, it still made me wonder if I’d chosen the wrong service to spend Tuesday afternoons parading around with. Besides, historic naval recruitment posters promised so much…. And then there was… Read More »Making Men: Navy Recruiting Ads

Killer Queen: Andrew Cunanan, My Love Rival

by Steven Zeeland I wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing, but Mark Simpson made me. Write a preface, that is – for the following journalistic essay “Killer Queen” on “gay spree killer” and “Versace assassin” Andrew Cunanan, my erstwhile love rival who once offered to kill me. It was first published in The Stranger July 23, 1997, concurrent with the breaking news of Andrew’s death by self-inflicted gunshot to head upon being cornered by police, a week after shooting Versace to death outside his… Read More »Killer Queen: Andrew Cunanan, My Love Rival

Love Reaction (Give Me Satisfaction)

About a decade ago, I visited my Queen is Dead pen-pal/co-author Steve Zeeland when he was living in the largely-forgotten US Navy town of Bremerton, WA. Forgotten, that is, save by the self-described ‘lover of sailors’. In the early 1980s, before he discovered his true, bell-bottomed love, Steve had been the frontman for industrial-electro band Zyklon (‘America’s answer to Throbbing Gristle’, according to one critic). He still had several synths and sequencers which we fooled around with at his place, in a 1940s apartment building, conjuring… Read More »Love Reaction (Give Me Satisfaction)

Why Straight Soldiers Can’t Stop Acting Gay on Video

Way back in the last century, before the Interweb swallowed everything, my friend and accomplice in literary crime Steve Zeeland and I were visiting, as you do, Camp Pendleton, the giant US Marine Corps base in Southern California with some jarhead friends. We spent the afternoon watching the Marine Rodeo – scores of grinning fit Texan boys in tight Wranglers and high-and-tights bouncing up and down on broncos and slapping each other’s butts. Perhaps you’ll understand why, after having seen this, the Details fashion shoot that… Read More »Why Straight Soldiers Can’t Stop Acting Gay on Video

Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy’s Lost Boys

A couple of ‘now’ and ‘then’ images selected for me by my chum Steve Zeeland from Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy’s veritable treasure trove of photo archives of the male form, which includes all kinds images of fleeting, winsome, youthful masculine beauty from the last hundred years – now looked at with very knowing eyes. Steve chose these two images because they depict our loss of innocence – and perhaps what you could get away with when we were officially innocent. And because they’re cute. They don’t really… Read More »Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy’s Lost Boys